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Buy a Piece

If you are interested in buying a piece of my action in up coming tournaments please visit my TastyStakes page. In the future, my subscribers will always receive this mark up &/or no mark at all. I am selling at 1.05 mark up.

Follow me on twitter to be informed of opportunities to invest in me.

I take cash and paypal cash app and deposits.

What is a BAP?

Staking has been around for many years and it has evolved over time. Buying a piece is different in a few ways. Instead of backing the stakee for the full amount you are instead buying a percentage of that particular players action. This practice allows for smaller investors to get in on staking deals and allows professionals to invest in winning players. From the players perspective it allows the player to sell their action to a  group of investors. They no longer need to search or wait around for a single investor. Still need a little more explanation? Check out this video on YouTube…