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Below is a list of my results dating back to May 2013

 The slides start with May 2013 and ends with Sept 2014. I update this page once a month. I am transparent with all my results. Learn to make a full time income working part time.

In Sept 2014 I had to switch my poker app from Poker Journal to Run Good. Unfortunately  Poker Journal stalled my ios update and crashed my phone. Due to the crash I lost my results for Sept and October 2014. I didn’t play much and finished up about 2k combined for those two months.

During the months mid Feb 2015 through the end of May 2015 I didn’t play any poker. I was partaking in a real estate investment internship.  In 2016 I acquired an investment property, got my real estate license and my life insurance license. I began playing again in late 2016. All my results are located on my Instagram @ThePokerProneur.