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What is the mental game?

The mental game is many things. To sum it up it’s how you handle all the non technical aspects of poker, tilt fear motivation ect..  Jarrod Tendlar has written two books about the mental game. Any one who is looking to take there game to the next level should definitely read them.

The mental aspect of poker is something I have struggled with from the beginning. I am a very competitive person and don’t like to lose, because of this I use to tilt faster, chase losses  and get upset, depressed when I did. I am not completely healed from this but I must say I have drastically improved.  Any player who says he doesn’t tilt is lying, all he is really saying is that he leaves before he tilts.

In my opinion the mental game and intangibles are far more important then the technical aspects of poker. I would say they are 3-4x as important. It’s what makes good players become great & great players legends in the game. If your interested in learning more about the intangibles & mental game. Contact Me ,Jarrod Tendlar & or Tommy Angelo. 

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